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The Blue Birds

GreenfinchGreenfinch Goldfinch print In Flight colour toned blue


From £700
DunnockDunnock Goldfinch print In Flight colour toned blue


From £700
GoldfinchGoldfinch print In Flight colour toned blue


From £700
Blue Tit IBlue tit print In Flight colour toned blue

Blue Tit I

From £700
Blue Tit IIBlue Tit print In Flight colour toned blue

Blue Tit II

From £700
Great TitGreat Tit print In Flight colour toned blue

Great Tit

From £700


Internationally acclaimed animal photographer Mark Harvey , recognised as one of the UK’s leading practitioners in equine fine art photography, announces the release of ‘In Flight’ - a new limited edition print collection featuring detailed studies of everyday free-flying British birds, captured in photography as they go about their everyday lives.

The new collection features breath-taking studies of eight different species of some of Britain’s most common birds, which we all know - yet rarely notice. Photographed in the Norfolk Broads during lockdown earlier this year, the collection includes magpies, blue tits, starlings, goldfinches, great tits, coal tits, long-tail tits, and green finches. 

Renowned for his carefully crafted lighting and detailed animal studies, whose trademark style lends a dramatic, almost sculpture-like stillness to his subjects, for this new collection Harvey has taken an unconventional photographic approach. His signature lighting style, refined through 15 years of working with horses, is now used in a scaled down version, resembling a set-up more suited to high-end jewellery photography, with the key difference being, that the subjects are free-flying wild birds. 

Similar in grace to aerial acrobats, all of the British birds were captured in mid-flight using slow, medium format with a Hasselblad camera - the very camera that was first manufactured by devoted birdwatcher Victor Hasselblad in the 1960s, to optimise his bird photography endeavours. This technique meant that only one shot could be taken at each fleeting opportunity, but ensured the resulting images could be produced at a breathtaking scale, while revealing the intricate details of each subject.


In Flight

Long-tailed TitLong-Tailed Tit in flight

Long-tailed Tit

From £800
Spring Blue TitAdult blue tit in flight against light cloudy background

Spring Blue Tit

From £800
StarlingStarling in flight


From £900
GoldfinchGoldfinch in flight


From £850
Coal TitCoal tit in flight

Coal Tit

From £850
MagpieMagpie in flight


From £850

My Modern Met

"His signature style of sculpture-like stillness encapsulates the raw power and grace of the creatures he photographs."

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