I bought a Blue Tit from Mark Harvey a year ago now and I am enjoying the picture every day. It is a fantastic picture, and beautifully framed.

The ordering and sending process went very smooth.
All in all, just buy one of his amazing photographs and I am sure you will enjoy it for the rest of your life.
Marloes from Munich, Germany
'Blue Tit III' c-type print face mounted to acrylic 20" x 20"
29th January 2021

Blue tit photograph by Mark Harvey In Flight









Dear Mark,

On the day of my 37th birthday, my most precious artistic acquisition until date.

It arrived this morning!!! Serendipity!!  but I am absolutely no surprised it turned up before I left :)

It is absolutely beautiful, I am so glad. Thanks for creating such a powerful glance into the immensity of freedom.

It's been a pleasure working with you,

Rosario from Madrid

'Ears Forward' b&w silver gelatine print 32" x 18"

15th March 2021

Ears Forward - Horse portrait by Mark Harvey