The northern goshawk Accipiter gentilis is a species of medium-large raptor and the name gentilis is "noble" or "gentle" because in the Middle Ages only the nobility were permitted to fly goshawks for falconry.

The species is greatly revered for its ferocity and strength.

This female goshawk gave a powerful profile with sharp beak and intense eyes as she scanned the landscape. I added a strong shadow to one side of the hawk to add mystery and accentuate the intense orange of her eyes.

This print is available in sizes ranges from 24" x 16" up to 40" x 60". 

The larger framed prints are shipped in full wooden crates for extra secure shipping to your home.

For any questions regarding the work please email prints@mark-harvey.com

Limited Edition of 15

The edition numbers are fixed to 15 prints and divided across the four print sizes.

Please note the price of the artwork will increase as the prints sell out and prices are updated on a regular basis.

C-type prints

All prints are made using a matt c-type Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper, which is a traditional silver halide colour paper produced using a wet printing process and triple washed for exceptional archival quality.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each print is provided with a unique, signed, numbered and embossed certificate of authenticity. This is proof of the art works originality and it is recommended that this is kept safe. 

21 day returns

Mark Harvey is committed to ensuring the 100% satisfaction of his art collectors. 

Once you’ve received an original artwork, you have 21 days to decide whether or not you’d like to keep that artwork or return it for a refund.

The 14-Day money-back guarantee is for prints, but not applicable to framed works.


Each unframed print will have a border added of 4 inches/10cm with 4.5 inches/12.5cm at the base to the print, to allow for a range of framing options. This is in addition to the print size shown.

Prints face mounted to acrylic will be flush to the image edge.

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